Grammarly: An Efficient Editing Tool

It doesn’t matter who you are, whether you’re young or old, in school or out of school, we are all prone to making spelling mistakes. With Grammarly, the possibility of spelling errors and grammatical mistakes becomes a nuisance of distant memory.

Me personally being a college student, I can speak volume to how life-saving a tool such as this one can be.With Grammarly, it operates similarly to how most standard auto-correct systems operate but with added functionality. Standard auto-correct systems, for the most part, can handle the bulk of what you throw at it in terms of spelling errors but it can’t be held responsible for the entire revision process.

The element that puts Grammarly a step ahead of any tool that I’ve used and not only can it catch simple spelling errors, but it’s also able to analyze the context of the text that you type. It understands when something doesn’t make sense in your sentence, even if everything in that sentence is spelled correctly. In other words, it is able to understand the meaning of a sentence and add suggested ideas for potential adjustments.

A tool such as Grammarly is unrivaled when it comes to the editing process simply due to the fact that there isn’t another application as precise or as efficient as it is. This tool is able to catch every mistake that you make and even give you ideas to enhance your writing.

I find Grammarly to be appealing because the interphase is easy to use and it’s a  complete editing tool with few faults. My only complaint is that it’s limited to just English so other languages can’t utilize this tool.

There is a paid for version but for free you’re getting decent value. The premium version has three useful features that could be worth the upgrade, however. They include being able to check for plagiarism,  being able to take advantage of a professional proofreader, and a vocabulary enhancement option.

I am a huge fan of this application and it has benefited me on several occasions so I hope you give it a shot and go download it. I have a feeling  you won’t be disappointed


Standout Features:

Ability to catch contextual errors

Catches grammatical errors

Explanation of grammar rules

Option to see word definitions

Can be integrated with Microsoft word

Chrome extension


Author of Article: Mekhi Greene





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