Earn Play Credit With Google Opinion Rewards

In my many years of being an Android user, I haven’t come across an app quite as unusually useful as Google Opinion Rewards. The description of the app is justly upfront and it comes without any gimmicks. Essentially this app provides you with various amounts of Google Play credit by allowing you to complete surveys. The money that you earn from completing different surveys goes to your Google account and you’re able to spend the money you make on the Play Store.

I’ve had the Google Opinion Rewards app since May of 2015 and I’ve collected nearly $30 ($29.88) in credit from answering surveys. You might be asking, “Only $30 in two years?”. When it comes to completing surveys you stand victim to Google’s will and when they decide to release one. They may notify you of a survey frequently or inconsistently. I would say that the largest disadvantage to using this app is being unable to decide when you want to take a survey. Not only that but the payment for each survey varies and it never stays consistent. Another thing I’ve taken notice to during my time using this app is that the most recognizable payout that I’ve received was a $1 for a survey and I’ve never received earnings that exceeded that. Lastly, It’s necessary to mention that some surveys don’t give you any credit at all.

If you don’t currently use this app and you’re an Android user I would strongly urge you to start using it simply because a few extra cents or even a few extra dollars could come in clutch when making purchases on the Play Store. I’ve found myself in several situations where I was more inclined to make a purchase of a certain app or song because I had a decent amount of credit in my google account. I would definitely recommend this app considering the minimal amount of effort required to start earning.

Author of Article: Mekhi Greene
Contact: Productihq@gmail.com
Developer: Google
Google Opinion Rewards: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.paidtasks&hl=en


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